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A brand new growing page dedicated to my previous clients and how Hypnobirthing helped them with their birth experience after taking a course with me.........


"I was induced and in labour ward then taken to theatre and I can honestly say I used the hypnobirth techniques for the entirety and (apart from the birth of my boy) it was the best thing about my birth! I remained calm and focussed. All thanks to you Becca!"



"I had a water birth with no pain control (not even gas and air). We adopted the techniques you suggested and we had a wonderful and positive experience.

Thank you so much!!"



I was advised to be induced which was a very long process but the hypnobirthing techniques helped me relax and stay calm. It also really helped me make decisions with confidence and although it wasn't the dream birth I had planned it was still a very positive experience. Thank you

Bex! xxx

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