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Answers to your Questions

Isn't Hypnobirthing for a certain type of birth?

Simple answer is no. The course content I deliver is there to ensure that you have all the tools, knowledge and techniques to remain in control, to feel confident to make informed choices and decisions , be as relaxed as you can be and ultimately have a positive birth experience . You can still use everything you learn if you give birth at home, in a birth centre or midwife led unit or in an Obstetric led delivery suite. Hypnobirthing is fully inclusive and you can use its tools however your birth happens, it does not discriminate and YOU CANNOT FAIL AT HYPNOBIRTHING just like you wouldn't fail at any other antenatal class.

How many weeks pregnant do you recommend when starting The Complete 8hour Hypnobirthing Course?

I recommend between 22 and 34 weeks pregnant to start. (If you are over 34 weeks I can still offer this course if we run over 2 weeks instead of four weeks, see below in FAQs for details)

 This gives you plenty of time to practise what you have learnt. If you are earlier on in your pregnancy you can book in with me in advance - this is just my recommendation. Please see services for details and pricing.

I am over 34 weeks pregnant, do you offer a short workshop/refresher?

Yes! I offer a 3 hour Hypnobirthing workshop. Perfect for those later on in their pregnancy or those looking for a refresher course. Please see services for details and pricing.

I am over 34 weeks pregnant but I still want to do the full course is this possible?

Absolutely, if you are later on in your pregnancy and would still like to experience the Complete Hypnobirthing course I would recommend that we do 2 sessions weekly, instead of 1 session a week.
Usually, The Complete course is run over 4 weeks but in the case of 2 sessions weekly this would run over 2 weeks. 
Each session lasts 2 hours.

Who is the course for?

The courses and workshops are aimed at both the pregnant woman/person and their birth partner. It is important for the birth partner to be involved in the classes so you can feel 100% supported during your birth, your birth partner has a clear understanding of Hypnobirthing and therefore you can work together as a team.

However if you do not have a birth partner or are using a doula as a birth partner it is fine to attend the classes on your own if necessary.

Do you offer payment plans? 



Yes, my instalments and payment plans are tailored to you depending on the time you start the course and which course or workshop   

you book. Alternatively you can pay in full. 

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