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CPD for Professional Birth and Postnatal Workers....

Starting Solids Workshop - There is a huge amount of unhelpful information on the internet around starting solids so I have created a workshop for you to instil confidence and knowledge to your clients around this exciting time in their baby's life. Evidence based and factually correct. Suitable to be booked before or during your starting solids journey. Suitable for Postnatal Doulas and those who run walking groups for parents. 1 hour - £55.00

Newborn Knowledge Workshop- Another area of huge importance, a workshop designed with both parents and professionals in mind. Covering all there is to know surrounding the 0-3 month stage giving you the chance to answer your client's questions surrounding their baby with confidence and reassurance. We go in to a huge amount of detail and every birth and postnatal professional should know, opportunity for Q&A at the end too. Fantastic feedback, fun relaxed, informative session. 1 hour 10 mins - £55 for parents. £60 for professionals.  Held online on Zoom.

Business Booster - If you are new to the birth world or feeling stuck after a quiet period within your business then look no further! A 1 hour 15 minute Workshop to guide you in marketing and promotion, social media, websites, tips tricks and more that will help you create a steady flow of clients over your career in the birth and postnatal world. - £88.00

Praise for the workshops ....."Such a great Newborn Workshop run by Bex, even with two kids myself I learnt ALOT when I did this last week, knowledge that I am already incorporating into my Hypnobirthing Courses, not only to help with labour but also how to have a great start in your parenthood journey" - Fiona (Jan 2024)

"Please go and check Bex out, you wouldn't believe how amazing she is! I have loved the workshop for professionals, so articulate, passionate and driven, I will definitely be doing whatever course I can with Bex- Emma (Feb 2024)

"I did Bex's Baby Knowledge and confidence workshop last year before my Doula course, I highly recommend. Even after 3 babies myself, it's always beneficial to brush up on some useful and current info" - Julia (Nov 2023)

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